“Iridescent” Trading Cards

Brad Delson Iridescent

Posted by Ana on July 21st, 2011 • 11 Comments »

Linkin Park have just tweeted about the Iridescent Trading Cards, with this message from Brad:

Super-Fun Trading Fun-Cards have arrived! Collect all SIX of us to unlock your mystery prize. May the digital glow light your way.


And a hidden box below the message, which leads to HERE. Discuss the trading cards here. First enter this page then flip the card, share it on facebook or twitter, then you will receive a code, which you enter here. That’s the first card, now time to look for the rest! Well, here are the locations for the rest:

Enter your codes HERE. When you finish you’ll get an exclusive download of Linkin Park’s entire performance in Red Square in Moscow.

Or get all the codes below, click on “flip” then share the card to receive the code.

  • http://iridescent-fields-of-paper-white.tumblr.com Annie

    Thank you so much!! Ana & Zara <3

  • Purnama Agustina

    Thanks a lot…Linkin Park for life!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Shinodic Christie

    Oh yeah))) Thank u so much) I’m so happy)))I’ll never forget this concert) Amazing)

  • Alexandra

    I can’t flip the cards or share them.

  • Ana

    If you can’t flip them on our site try going to the sites I’ve listed.

  • maria bennington

    hey so i got all the codes and wrote them in but i cnat seem to get something downloaded

  • Ana

    if you get them all and entered them correctly it should lead you to another site to enter your email address. Then after you enter it, the link to download will be sent to your email.

  • Firefighterdogg

    Where can i buy all the Linkin Park Iridescent Trading Cards????

  • mikeshinodaclan

     You can’t buy them, these are online only.

  • Firefighterdogg

    is there anyway to get the Iridescent Trading Cards to give to my daughter who is turing 3 on May 2nd and i would love a set for my birthday on March 24th. We are both big fans of Linkin Park and the LPU.
    Thank you,
    Firefighter Anthony Ortiz, Isabella Mia Ortiz

  • mikeshinodaclan

     I guess if you print them but like I said these are online only, they were never printed/sold/distributed.