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Brad Delson Chat Linkin Park Underground

Posted by Ana on March 2nd, 2012 • 1 Comment »

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Brad Delson just partook in a short video chat with LPU members, as per usual we have the summary and screenshots of the video chat! He was in the chat for a very short amount of time.

  • Brad really enjoys recording, and being in the studio and working with the band, especially when they make something that they all really love and get excited about
  • The new music should be out mid-2012, probably after the tour has started, but before the tour ends.
  • He said that visual art is an integral part of what Linkin Park do, and he’s excited about art for the upcoming album.
  • He said about touring that they will be playing all over and hopes to see as many fans as they can.
  • Regarding how many songs will be on a record: 53 songs, each 20 seconds long. (joke)
  • He was asked if they could play anywhere, where would he play, he said LA so he wouldn’t have to travel.
  • He talked about the great work Power The World is doing, and thanked the fans for helping promote the cause.
  • He said he starts his day by turning the TV on and having breakfast, he keeps his PJs on until absolutely necessary, he says he’s not a morning person. He’s much more productive at night.
  • He said that he likes that touring has allowed them to travel the world and to hear their songs being sang in these places.
  • Apparently his solo debut will be at his friend’s apartment, and no one will probably show up.
  • He hopes that a new single will be out in a few months.
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