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Mar 16

More U.S. Release Dates Available for “The Raid: Redemption” // UK Release Date

As you may know, The Raid: Redemption will be out in US theaters on March 23rd but only in a few cities such as NY, LA, DC, San Francisco, and Chicago until now! Sony Classics have released a full list where The Raid: Redemption will be shown in theaters throughout the US. If you want to watch The Raid: Redemption check out the link below and see if it will play at a theater near you! Highly recommend you watch this movie! I will definitely be watching this again, for sure.


We’ll keep everyone informed about possible international release dates. Speaking of which, today Total Film have announced the release date for the UK, which is May 18th 2012, Total Film also have the UK poster, looks like it might be just getting the name The Raid.

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