LIVING THINGS Release Day Challenge – Listening parties hosted by fans!


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So I came up with an idea and I think this should happen, listening parties hosted by LP fans, I had posted on the LPU forums to gather some people but I thought I’d post from here too, so far this is just an idea. We need people to actually be involved in this, so I’m reaching out to fans here. Hopefully we can gather some people to do this! Please share this link or this one I had posted on LPU, this is for ALL fans, this is NOT official but this is for all fans, doesn’t matter if you’re an LPU member or not, just LP fans. And we need as many fans as possible to make this happen.

I’m sure most of you read Mike’s blog post (for those that didn’t: and although it is great to listen with friends, some of us, like myself don’t have friends that really wouldn’t enjoy a listening party like I would. So I thought, maybe we could organize our own listening parties. I know there’s lots of members in my area but there’s trouble reaching out to them so I thought I’d start here and ask. It would be nice if Linkin Park would post about this to reach out to other fans, of course it might be hard for LP to actual reserve a place but fan-hosted listening parties maybe could work all we need is to spread the word and if Linkin Park did that–I think it’d help a lot!

But first is anyone interested in this? I know I would love to meet new fans especially in my area!

Which cities could we do this? We’d need someone to be ‘host’ or ‘leader’ in each city.

I’m in Houston so if there’s any fans in Houston that want to do this that’d be awesome!

Let me know what you guys think! Post in the comments below or on the LPU forums whichever, I’ll keep an eye on both.




Amanda will be hosting a listening party in New Brunswick, New Jersey there will also be a group going to the movieplex at 7PM. Listening party starts at midnight on the 26th. For more details please message Amanda

Fred88die will be also hosting a listening party at The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. For more details please message Fred88ie

YoMarques is organizing a listening in Lisbon, Portugal. Still looking for a location for more details please message YoMarques. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE

Ginger is organizing a listening party in Brisbane, Australia. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE

Hanna is organizing a listening party in Warsaw, Poland for 2-3 people for more details please message Hanna

Andrew Potapov is organizing a listening party in Odessa, Ukraine. For more details please contact Andrew via Twitter or Facebook. VK EVENT PAGE

crazychaz is organizing a listening party in Cologne, Germany. For more details please contact crazychaz. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

Maria Scutina is organizing a listening party in Tver’, Russia. For more details please contact Maria Scutina. VK EVENT PAGE

Hiro and karin_seino are organizing a listening party in Tokyo, Japan. For more details please contact Hiro or karin_seino. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE

LPFI are hosting a listening party in Jakarta, Indonesia. For more details please post here.

Alexandra Razumova will be hosting a listening party in Moscow, Russia. For more details please contact Alexandra Razumova. VK EVENT PAGE.

POSSIBLE listening party in Houston, TX. FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE. Still looking for more people to do this!

Michelle Todorovic
San Diego, CA – Salvador Jaimez
Houston, TX – numbrocker02
Austin, TX – MikeTheHamMan
New York City, NY – Meli
Poland – Olimpia, Gabriela Kegelj, Hanna
Greece – EvoOba
Adelaide, Australia – Marianne
Cologne, Germany – Sebastian Hagge, LinkinParkForever275
Brazil – Karina Venancio
Charlotte, NC – Leoprincess517
Madrid, Spain – Ricardo
Orange County, CA – Alex Benavides
Copenhagen, Denmark – Maria
Milan, Italy – Ema_(HybridMeteora)
Lubin, Poland – Andrus

Online listening party HERE

  • Ailina Ann Bennett

    i’m doing my on either spotify or google plus

  • Leoprincess517

    I’m in South Carolina, but I’m moving soon and will be in Charlotte by the time the album comes out. Anyone live there?

  • Mike Wareham

    Anyone in Austin, Texas? Seriously, that would be sweet!

  • LPA Amanda

    I am hosting a listening party in New Brunswick, NJ

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  • Gabi1410

    Maybe someone in Poland?

  • mikeshinodaclan

     There was someone on the LPU forums that mentioned Poland too, are you the same person? If not, maybe planning can commence? :]

  • Gabriela Kegelj

    I’m afraid I’m not the same person unfortunately :(
    Just found out how I can sign in here through twitter, how nice :)

  • mikeshinodaclan

    In that case seems like 3 people are interested for Poland! In Warsaw, Poland! Will keep you updated!

  • mikeshinodaclan

     Added you to the list, if you could provide a twitter or facebook that’d be great 😀

  • Alyeska

    Yeah, I’m near Austin. I can’t plan or host, but I’d love to be there if we can get enough people and figure something out.

  • Mike Wareham

     Damn it! C’mon! This is Austin, the live music capital of the world! Surely there are tons of Linkin Park fans here!

  • Initial Yuda


    For Indonesian Fans ==>

  • Alyeska

     Lol, fine, Imma go post something on facebook, see if any friends in the area are remotely interested, then get back to you.

    P.S. I think I only said “I can’t plan or host” because I really didn’t want to, because now that I’m in it, there’s no getting out, and I knew that would happen to me.

    P.P.S. We should prooobably move this conversation… I’ll do that next time…