[Video] Interview With Chester Bennington // More President Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie Promos Feat. POWERLESS

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RTL2 News (Germany) got the chance to talk to Chester about Living Things and ageing! Watch the clip below, thanks to JasonOrJats for uploading to youtube.

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Brief summary of what Chester is saying, thanks to @tensh_iie:

Concerning the question if he likes to play in such small places as they did in Berlin (Admiralspalast) or either big Open-Air events, Chester said that if he had to choose he would take such small places, even better if you can sit down, because it’s dry, you have a roof over your head and “… if you’re older, like me, and your feet hurt, you can sit down, if you want to”

He also said, as he was asked what he thinks about all those discussions from fans about how the sound of the band has changed, that he once took the time and listened trough all the records they have made, from Hybrid Theory to LIVING THINGS so he can… like be in the fan’s shoes and see how they feel with the changing sound. And he said that he got it and understood that they sound way more different than in the beginning and that it’s normal to lose some fans along the road.

A few more promos have been posted online from President Lincoln Vampire Hunter that features Powerless from LIVING THINGS, don’t watch these videos if you don’t want to hear the song!

Download here

Download here

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