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Posted by Ana on February 11th, 2013 • 2 Comments »

First of, huge happy birthday to Mike Shinoda! May you receive lots of joy and happiness on your day! This is now the 4th year that we’re celebrating Mike’s birthday, our 3rd year doing a project for him. If anyone remembers the first year MSC celebrated Mike’s birthday in 2010 we wanted to make his birthday a trending topic, it was also his first birthday when he was on Twitter. It was such a success we had many celebrities retweet our hashtags and we even got it to trend worldwide! At the time it was quite difficult for us to get a trending topic, especially since we just launched the site and there weren’t that many Linkin Park fans on Twitter! If I remember correctly, Linkin Park weren’t even on Twitter at the time it was known as @lpunderground. But we got it to trend, with many retweets from exceptional people. The next year in 2011 we hosted our first birthday project, which was successful! A few days later, our good friend Kate managed to send some of these submissions to Mike at the Los Angeles concert. In 2012 we again hosted a birthday project for Mike, it very successful, much more entries than last time! If I remember correctly even the hashtag trended that day a few times throughout the day!

This year we decided to something different, we asked fans to take a picture of themselves holding a sign that say “Happy Birthday Mike Shinoda” in their own language. To show all the fans from around the world, honestly didn’t expect to receive this many. But in total there were over 180 participants, (shout out to Wretches and Kings and Linkin Park Peru), 50 countries were represented in this video and “happy birthday” was written in 30 different languages! We’re quite pleased with the outcome! Now, presenting the video in HD:

THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE THAT PARTICIPATED. Hope we didn’t miss anyone. There were a few entries that had issues. We’ll be posting all the pictures up soon (as soon as we resize!) for all to view individually. Also, sorry for this being so late! We had some major technical difficulties. Be sure to share the video as well! Using this link: http://mikeshinodaclan.com/birthdayproject2013/ or this one: http://youtu.be/2HoPwoX1Qmk. And tweet #HappyBirthdayMikeShinoda in your tweets!

One more thing I’d like to mention, Linkin Park Fan Corner have also done a birthday project for Mike, please be sure to check that out as well!

Thanks to:

Adriana and Kristyna
Adriana Saldana
Aline Biendarra
Allison Beard
Alma Gabriela Bernal Navarro
Amalia Rios
Amalia Tuzahra
Andres Rodriguez
Angela Haydee
Angie Sellés
Ani Hristova
Arianna Dominguez
Ariel Alcazar
Ateyah Isameel
Ayelen Guiterrez
Ayelen Sechi
Beatriz Tavares
Bere Del Carmen
Carolina Magen
Cátia and Inês
Cindy D.
Clara and Carol
Daniela Salazar
Daria and Kristina
Davjoa Ndoja
Dea Hernandez
Devi Meliana
Efrain Gomez
Elisa Lillebostad
Emily Takeda
Erica Marlene
Estefania de Haro Penalva
Esther Espinola
Eva Pete
Fabi Rupp
Fabio Ascenso
Fanta Mulllennix
Fany Carreon
Felipe Santana
Fori Cintia
Gessica Brenda
Hayashi Hiroko
Helenitzel Hertzing
Isamel Tejeira
Julieth Molina
Jenni Autio
Jennie Lennartsson
Jetmir Gola
Joey Hernandez
Josie Payne
Karla Ginez Aldana
Karla Rivero
Katrin W.
Kierstyenn Indermaur
Kristin Heinrich
Kumari Manorama
Laplagne Delphine
Larasati Melrary
Laura Ponzelletti
Linda Melin
Ling Chen
Linkin Park Peru
Lis and Mariano
Lisa Marie
Louise Bown
Louise Lilburn
Luna the Cat (!)
Madlen Petrova
Maik Gianino
Maral Nevruzi
Margaret Santos
Marianosa de la Hostia
Marta Mikulcic
Melissa Cabrera
Michelle Holtzhuizen
Milena Vranjkovic
Miriam B
Monica Opperud & son
Mova Wanida
Ne Nguyen
Nichole Portales
Nioklina Subasic
Noelia H. Gutierrez
Osbelin Blanko
Patricia Marcela Cabera
Paulina Alejanda Blanco Santana
Raymond Martinez
Riley Park
Rochy Granado
Rocio Gonzalez
Sam Fernandez
Sara Jaeger-Witsel
Sara Jimenez Partido
Sara Sirotnakova
Sarah Nielsen
Sergio Vega
Shannyn Johnson
Shiksha Agarwal
Sofy Nieto
Steffi Frost
Tamara Schimitt
Tejas Patel
Tess Styles
Tessa Toebaert
Tina, Marco, and Alex
Valeria Bustos
Vanessa Wong
Vicky de Biasio
Vladimir Gospodinov
Yolanda Costas
Younes Aboulfdal
Yulyana Parniuk

If you’re not included in the list above and have submitted something please let me know! There were some that I weren’t sure. Also if there is any error, let me know as well!