Phoenix LPU Chat Summary 6/21/2011

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  • Favourite bass player- he said he liked Adam’s style from U2
  • Hes hit the 30 million mark on bejewelled
  • Expect the new LPU December-ish, they’ve already started working on it
  • Favourite moment in LP history – right now (this was when Mike was with him and they were joking around)
  • LP survey- it’s a better way to let them know what the fans are thinking, what we would like them to play at show, how they can communicate with the fans better, and a better way for them to know the fans.
  • Enjoying this visit in Germany
  • He talked about the bass and drums being background instruments, in a supportive role, but it doesnt make them less important, if everything was at the front then it would work.
  • He hopes to play Robot Boy live someday, but it will be challenging as there is a lot vocal layers in it.
  • Hardest song for him to play live – there isn’t one.
  • Looking forward to Japan tour, he said its a great place to tour.
  • The summit has been fun.
  • Current favourite song – Blackout
  • He throws away a bass when it gets bashed up, he had a challenge to bash one up as much as he could
  • He talked about MFR, says they are always working on projects for it