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Nov 21

Interview with Mike Shinoda, Mike Talks Recharged, EDM and Next Album

White Raver Rafting spoke to Mike about the release of Recharged, it’s similar to the other interviews we’ve posted about working with Steve Aoki, Recharged, remixing his own songs and EDM, an excerpt is below as well as link to the full interview.

Tyler: When collaborating with Steve Aoki did you find it difficult to bring the differences in your sounds together? What were important elements of your own band’s sound that you felt needed to be represented in the collaboration?
Mike: I think you can hear it all in the first minute of the song. I laid it out so that you get a taste of a unique sound, followed by something very “Linkin Park,” which evolves into an “Aoki” moment at the drop. Both Steve and I contributed sounds to all those parts though; it was a very collaborative effort.

Tyler: Prior to organically connecting with Steve Aoki on Twitter, did Linkin Park plan on foraying into the electronic dance music scene?
Mike: Not really. When we released our LIVING THINGS album, we wanted to give something cool to the fans who got it directly from—we always try to make it special for fans to buy our albums directly from us. So we offered a free remix a month. In collecting those remixes, we got so much cool stuff that it became the RECHARGED remix album.

Tyler: “Recharged” – LP’s second remix album – is out now and offers a very impressive list of producers. How did the band go about selecting the artists featured on the record? Which reworks stand out the most to you?

Mike: I was really excited when we got the Datsik and Killsonik remixes, and the Vice remix with Pusha is definitely a standout. I also love what Rick Rubin did with A Light That Never Comes.

Read full interview here

Also about the new Linkin Park album he said:

Mike: As Linkin Park fans know by now, each release is a surprise. You never know where we’ll go next. The next album will almost definitely not sound like the last ones.

Also, a tshirt for the LP RECHARGE game has been released to benefit Philippines Typhoon Relief, the tweet about it is below.

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Nov 20

[Roundup] Interviews with Phoenix & Chester, ALTNC BTS Video, and Gallery Update

There’s a few bits of news that we didn’t post but rather shared on our social network, you may have seen it on our Twitter or Facebook but if you haven’t seen it yet here’s a roundup post:

First, GrindHouse (Japanese magazine) got to meet with Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington, although the interview is in Japanese you can use google translate to read it. The video below was uploaded by GrindHouse where Chester greets GrindHouse readers:

Read the interview here


National Geographic got to speak with Phoenix again about Power the World, excerpt below:

Linkin Park had kicked off Power the World two years ago, with a project to bring solar lights to Haiti. What have you seen in terms of results, and was there anything you learned in that first project that you were able to bring to other causes?
The Haiti Solar Light program has been fantastic. As a result of Power the World’s support, more than 3,000 families have clean energy products, including the solar lights. Each of these solar lights directly replaces kerosene, candles and charcoal, resulting in household savings of over $5 per month. We learned that Power the World can help on multiple levels, improving lives, livelihoods and protecting the environment.

Read the interview here


Here’s another video of behind the scenes of A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES courtesy of CGMeetup:

Making of Linkin Park A Light That Never Comes by CGMeetup

Lastly, we’ve also added a few pictures from the Los Angeles show Mike and Chester attended (performing A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES with Steve Aoki), pictures from the STP with Chester interview, and pictures from Mike Shinoda’s visit to Disney studios, preview below:

Albums that were updated:
Home > Events > 2013 > Mike and Chester Join Steve Aoki Onstage in LA – Nov 15
Home > Promotional Photos > Stone Temple Pilots Promos > STP for Grindhouse Magazine 2013
Home > Candid Photos > Mike Shinoda > Mike goes on a tour of a Disney studio – Nov 20, 2013
Home > Promotional Photos > Video Shoots > A Light That Never Comes

Sources: GrindHouse | National Geographic | CGMeetup | Steve Aoki Facebook

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Nov 19

‘A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES’ to be Performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Linkin Park have announced that on November 26th Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington will join Steve Aoki to perform ‘A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES‘ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The performance will be aired on the 26th of November at 11:35PM ET / 10:35PM CT.

Source: @LinkinPark

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Nov 18

LPU XIII, Year 13 of the LPU, Officially Launches

Finally, the day we’ve been waiting for, after the LPU XIII preview released a few days ago, fans got hyped for what could be expected for this year of the LPU. Launch day is here and this is what’s new (tracklist below! A lot of these are recent demos!):

Message from Joe and Linkin Park:

Our LPU community has been growing each and every year since its inception in 2001. This year we are thrilled to present LPU XIII with some fresh changes and hope to expand our community even further.
Thank you for joining us as we continue this journey together.

12 months access to Members only community
Pre-Sale tickets Opportunities
Meet & Greet Opportunities
Band Chats
Access to Exclusive Music
Access to Exclusive Events (LPU SUMMIT Passes Sold Separately)
Downloadable LPU App
LPU Auctions
LPU-TV / LPTV Downloadable Episodes
Welcome Letter from Joe
LPU XIII Jersey (Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes)
LPU PlugAir (Unlock exclusive content via iPhone and Android)
LPU / HARD ROCK Poster (created by LPU member Andhika Nugraha)
LPU XIII Lanyard + Laminate (Unlocks Early Entry Benefit)
LPU XIII CD (Featuring 10 demos and 2 LPU Sessions tracks)

PRICE: 57.00 USD

LPU XIII Digital Memebership

12 months access to Members only community
Pre-Sale tickets Opportunities
Meet & Greet Opportunities
Band Chats
Access to Exclusive Music
Access to Exclusive Events (LPU SUMMIT Passes Sold Separately)
Downloadable LPU App
LPU Auctions
LPU-TV / LPTV Downloadable Episodes
PRICE: 20.00 USD

Once you join as an LPU XIII member with the Digital Subscription, you may go to the LPU Store and customize your membership by choosing what LPU XIII items you want! You must join LPU XIII to choose from these add ons:

  • LPU XIII Merchandise Package / $35 + Shipping
  • -includes:
    -Welcome Letter from Joe
    -LPU XIII Jersey (Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes)
    -LPU / HARD ROCK Poster (created by LPU member Andhika Nugraha)
    -LPU PlugAir (Unlock exclusive content via iPhone and Android)

  • LPU XIII CD / $10 + Shipping
  • LPU XIII Laminate + Lanyard / $5 + Shipping
    -LPU XIII Lanyard + Laminate (Unlocks Early Entry Benefit)


Other Information:
What is PlugAir?
With the LPU PlugAir, members get direct access to the band by unlocking select content on their iPhone or Android devices. Content includes music, apps, exclusive videos, merchandise, and more. This item is included in the ALL IN ONE + CD bundle or in the LPU XIII Merchandise Package add on. PlugAir App required, more info here.

LPU XIII CD Tracklist:

  1. Basquiat [2007 DEMO]
  2. Holding Company [2011 DEMO]
  3. Primo [I’LL BE GONE - LONGFORM 2010 DEMO]
  4. Hemispheres [2011 DEMO]
  5. Cumulus [2002 DEMO]
  6. Pretty Birdy [SOMEWHERE I BELONG 2002 DEMO]
  7. Universe [2006 DEMO]
  8. Apaches [UNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.1]
  9. Foot Patrol [UNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.2]
  10. Three Band Terror [UNTIL IT BREAKS DEMO NO.3]
  11. Truth Inside A Lie (BY RYAN GILES) [LPU SESSIONS 2013]
  12. Change (BY BETA STATE) [LPU SESSIONS 2013]


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Nov 17

[Pictures] Mike Shinoda x 686 Parka Launch Event // [Video] Mike & Chester Performs with Steve Aoki //Interview Roundup

On Thursday 686 held a launch event for the parka Mike collaborated with them on, we have a few pictures from the event in the gallery:

Home > Events > 2013 > Mike Shinoda x 686 Parka Launch – Nov 14

And yesterday Mike and Chester performed A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES at Steve Aoki’s show in LA, Travis Barker from Blink 182 also joined them, the video isn’t great but it’s worth watching:

Here is a roundup of interviews we’ve recently shared on Twitter/Facebook for anyone who missed them:

Wrif Audio Interview with Mike Shinoda & Robert DeLeo

Wrif asked Mike and Robert of STP abotu a possible joint Linkin Park/Stone Temple Pilots tour,
click here to listen to their responses.

AltWire Interview with Mike Shinoda

AltWire: Maintaining the drive to continually record and produce music seems like it would be a difficult challenge in the long run. Who or what inspires you to continue the work that you do, and where do you look for motivation these days?

Mike Shinoda: When it was our first or second album, we had a more limited scope of the aspects of what we do. And it went beyond writing and recording; I’m talking about the whole picture–how a release and an experience feels to a fan. In general, as we’ve made more albums and experimented with many things both in and out of the studio, we learn how to be better artists, better songwriters, better performers, better designers, better community builders, better communicators. I wouldn’t say we “raise the bar” each time, or that every move we’ve made is better than the last. It’s often all about the journey, taking risks, and enjoying what we’re doing at the time. But while we’re doing that, we strive to innovate and achieve.

AW: You recently made some very interesting comments on the state of rock music, and how the genre has gone soft. Are you unsatisfied with the current version of rock music?

M: The question is, what’s “rock” right now? Mumford and Sons? Capital Cities? AVICII? Vampire Weekend? Lorde? Arcade Fire has basically gone disco, and Trent Reznor spends too much of the new Nine Inch Nails album whispering–and I truly like all these bands, I’m just saying there’s something missing. I guess it doesn’t have to be “rock,” but I’m at a loss for something else I’d call it. I’m looking for ferocity, innovation, and energy without giving up songwriting, sophistication, and craftsmanship. It’s a tall order; even if we’re able to address it on our next Linkin Park album, it’ll take more than one band to really move the needle.

Read in full at AltWire

Stone Temple Pilots

I’ve added a few Stone Temple Pilots interviews, for those check this STP interviews post.

Also, a playlist of Chester’s favourite music videos is up on Linkin Parks Youtube channel, along with a video introduction by Chester. Watch below:

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