Phoenix just chatted with LPU members live from the summit in Hamburg. The internet connection was pretty bad and lagged a lot so I couldn’t hear everything he said, but I’ve made a summary of some of it below, if anyone can add to this, please leave a comment. Phoenix was also joined in the chat by Mark Fiore, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn. I’ve also added screencaps from the chat to the gallery and added the screencaps from past chats (with more to be added later) – here.

  • Favourite bass player- he said he liked Adam’s style from U2
  • Hes hit the 30 million mark on bejewelled
  • Expect the new LPU December-ish, they’ve already started working on it
  • Favourite moment in LP history – right now (this was when Mike was with him and they were joking around)
  • LP survey- it’s a better way to let them know what the fans are thinking, what we would like them to play at show, how they can communicate with the fans better, and a better way for them to know the fans.
  • Enjoying this visit in Germany
  • He talked about the bass and drums being background instruments, in a supportive role, but it doesnt make them less important, if everything was at the front then it would work.
  • He hopes to play Robot Boy live someday, but it will be challenging as there is a lot vocal layers in it.
  • Hardest song for him to play live – there isn’t one.
  • Looking forward to Japan tour, he said its a great place to tour.
  • The summit has been fun.
  • Current favourite song – Blackout
  • He throws away a bass when it gets bashed up, he had a challenge to bash one up as much as he could
  • He talked about MFR, says they are always working on projects for it