Linkin Park performed at Music for Relief’s CONCERT FOR THE PHILIPPINES in Los Angeles, their portion of the show was live streamed on AXS mobile app. There were some incredible onstage live collabrations which included Ann and Nancy (of the band Heart) on CASTLE OF GLASS, The Filharmonic (Filipino group) on the Iridescent portion of the LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent medley, Mike Einziger playing guitar on What I’ve Done and In The End, and last but not least, Travis Barker playing the drums (along with Rob) on Bleed it Out! Some of the videos from the stream are online already, huge thanks to FrankoXero3 and Knarf, links to the videos are below in the setlist. The concert will be on AXS TV on February 15th.


  1. One Step Closer
  2. Faint
  3. Waiting For The End (Intro w/ ‘UNTIL IT BREAKS’)
  4. Breaking The Habit
  5. CASTLE OF GLASS (w/ Ann and Nancy Wilson [Heart])
  6. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley) (w/ The Filharmonic)
  7. Numb
  8. What I’ve Done (w/ Mike Einziger)
  9. In The End (w/ Mike Einziger)
  11. Bleed It Out (w/ Travis Barker)

I’ve also uploaded the first few pictures from the show, keep an eye on the latest pictures thumbnails in the header as I’m sure we’ll be uploading more all day. We also have a few screencaps on our Facebook page.