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Apr 16

[Scan] Chester Bennington Talks About Shooting The Video For In The End

In today’s issue of Kerrang they run through the top 100 rock songs, as voted by their readers, In The End made it at number 35 and they printed this short interview with Chester about making the video:

Click on the picture to open the full sized scan to read it, please don’t post elsewhere.

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Apr 16

Joe Hahn Answers ‘Mall’ & Linkin Park Questions for Geek Nation’s Tweet Out [Video]

A few days ago, as you may recall, Geek Nation had Joe Hahn answer a few questions for their Tweet Out. These were random questions sent in by Twitter users, I saw a few questions from a few people I know, plus mine also got chosen! Thanks for answering Joe! The questions were mainly about his upcoming film, Mall, he also answered a few questions regarding Linkin Park like what songs he likes to play, about the new album (he just said fans will hear a good album), the album artwork, his inspirations, and if you know how Joe usually answers questions he answered with that humor. Great video, watch below:

This video reflects that the movie Mall will be coming out soon to the public! Maybe later this year, although seems like there has been no release date confirmed unless that changed between when the Tweet Out was conducted till today. Film is done, score is done, they’re sending it out to distributors to see who’s putting it out. Also, Lorenzo tweeted this, seems like they were able to see a screening of Mall:

Source: Geek Nation | Lorenzo

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Apr 12

[Audio] KFMAtv Interviews Chester Bennington About The Hunting Party, Chester’s Porsche Capsule Collection Announced

KFMAtv spoke to Chester ahead of their show in Tulson, they talked about The Hunting Party and other stuff including his typical day, he says that The Hunting Party is drums and guitar heavy and the album might surprise people. He says that more new music should be played at the shows before the album release. Listen below:

Also, a few days ago it was announced that Chester will release a capsule collection with Porsche Design, items will includes a leather motocross jacket, boots, a travel bag, sunglasses and a limited edition T-shirt. The line will be priced between US$109 and US$1,950.

“I’ve always loved fashion and had a deep appreciation for quality design. The sleek approach of Porsche Design’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. This collaboration has been a dream come true, and I’m really excited to show what we’ve created together.” – Chester

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Source: KFMAtv | moodiereport

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Apr 11

Mike Shinoda Google Hangout – Creativity: Music to My Ears [Video]

Mike Shinoda was gracious enough to take some time and do a google+ hangout with students from the Creativity: Music to My Ears course and for all those that were interested were also invited to view the hangout! I definitely recommend watching this video, the questions were really on a different level than what we usually accustomed to. The students that were part of this hangout were from all over the world and they’re part of the class (join here). He did talk about The Hunting Party a bit, then discussed the recording process, mixing, etc. then the art and he did mention James Jean (The Hunting Party album artwork), creativity, inspiration, Guilty All The Same and music videos (Project Spark) and much more! Watch below:

Thank you to Tina Seelig (professor of the course) for organizing this!

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Apr 10

Rolling Stone: Inside Linkin Park’s Heavy New Album & Loudwire Reviews 5 Songs

Rolling Stone spoke to Mike about the heavy direction that the new album, The Hunting Party has taken, they also describe a few of the songs in between Mike’s quotes, I was also entertained by Mike describing that Rob had to work with a trainer in order to get fit enough to do the drums on the album!

Inside Linkin Park’s Heavy New Album: ‘We Need to Weed Out the Emo’ (Read Full Here)
On the heavier sound of The Hunting Party
One day, when Linkin Park rapper and multi-instrumentalist Mike Shinoda was working on the follow-up to their 2012 record Living Things — an album that had pop-friendly sensibilities, subsequently went gold and was their fourth LP to reach Number One on the Billboard 200 — he had a personal revelation. “Dude, what am I doing?” he asked himself. “I’m doing the exact same thing!” So he began writing heavy music.

“It needed to be visceral,” he says with a laugh. “We need to weed out a lot of the soft, emo kind of approach to our music, and we need to weed out anything that feels aggressive for aggressive’s sake. We’re not 18-year-old kids making a loud record – we’re 37-year-old adults making a loud record. And what makes a 37-year-old angry is different than what made us angry back in the day.”

On Rob recording the drums
Similarly, the band members took the ethos of the bands that inspired them and, rather than go on a nostalgia trip, tried to “modernize that aggression sonically,” to use Shinoda’s words. “Keys to the Kingdom” opens with an affected, robotic-sounding voice yelling and then manages to make some disjointed-sounding riffs work. “I wanted you to listen to the song and be disrupted at regular intervals,” Shinoda says. “I wanted that to be jarring or distracting, just kind of fuck you up.”

This approach was especially difficult for drummer Rob Bourdon who ran himself ragged trying to keep up with the music. “It’s probably the hardest stuff he’s ever played on one of our albums,” Shinoda says. “He had to physically work his way up to it. He had to go running, lift weights, work with a trainer.” Then with a laugh, Shinoda says, “He eventually went to a chiropractor because he threw his back out playing drums. I don’t want to put the guy in the hospital, but it was fun for both of us to make something that was challenging to him. And he definitely feels that at the end of the day, he’s a better drummer for it.”

Also, Loudwire reviewed/described 5 songs off the album, you can read about the tracks here.

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