Brad has just took part in a video chat with LPU members, here is a summary of what he talked about and we have screencaps in the gallery.

  • He said on the next record he will be playing less guitar, and he’s played some acoustic guitar on it.
  • His favourite moment from the ATS tour was, their show in Norway, because they sound really loud, louder than he’s ever heard a crowd sing.
  • He was in a studio during the chat, he said they are always writing.
  • He’s excited about the upcoming tour in Asia and the Secret Show For Japan.
  • He thanks everyone who raised money for Japan, and they reached their target total, but he still encourages people to continue to donate.
  • Someone asked if he is planning to grow his hair out again, he said it’s getting long but he doesn’t have plans for it.
  • He loves playing shows in Germany.
  • He likes to play When They Come For Me, because he gets to play different instruments.
  • He said he enjoyed the show in Moscow, he said that they didn’t play One Step Closer because they have a lot of songs, the flashmob was awesome.
  • Started playing guitar when he was 12.
  • He said he’s excited for DeLuna Fest, he said its with great bands and it’ll be their last show of 2011 in the US.
  • He said he doesn’t know what’s the hardest song to play, since he usually isn’t thinking about what he’s doing onstage.
  • Favourite albums are the ones where you can listen to all the songs on them.
  • He thanked the LPUer’s for their support.
  • He said they liked to rotate setlists, and they like to make sure they play songs that people want to hear, rather than lesser-known songs, and also some of the songs, they don’t know how to play.
  • He said he’s looking forward to playing Robot Boy at some point, possibly in a special presentation of some sort.
  • When leaving he said that he hopes to us at the shows this year or if not, then next year, so it sounds like they plan to be back on the road in 2012!
  • JeremyDid you guys get Mike’s chats too?