Playlist: Lesser Known LP/MS tracks

Second To None (Featuring Mike Shinoda) – Styles Of BeyondGold Guns Girls (Mike Shinoda Remix) – MetricNever Let Me Down – KennaNot Alone – Linkin ParkThe Instrumental (Feat. Jonah Matranga) – Lupe FiascoCarry Me Away (Feat. Mike Shinoda) – Cypress Hill, Mike ShinodaEnjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda) – Depeche ModeWhat I’ve Done – Distorted Remix – Linkin ParkMarco […]

Summary & Pictures Mike Shinoda LPU Chat 25/09/2012

Mike just chatted with LPU members the biggest news he revealed is that if they can get the events sorted, South Africa will get a LPU summit! He made it sound like they’re waiting for confirmations so they can announce it, people will also be happy to hear that Mike said he’d probably do something with Fort Minor again in the future, Mike used […]

Extended Interview with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Incubus’ Brandon Boydq`Q1A“

While we posted an interview with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Incubus’ Brandon Boyd, which we originally thought was done by only The Indie Spiritualist we’ve realized it was actually a group interview for the Honda Civic Tour! This new part was thanks to Noize News. Different sites have different parts of the interview, while a big majority of the interview was the same […]

Brad LPU Chat Summary & Pictures

Brad has just took part in a video chat with LPU members, here is a summary of what he talked about and we have screencaps in the gallery. He said on the next record he will be playing less guitar, and he’s played some acoustic guitar on it. His favourite moment from the ATS tour was, their show in Norway, […]

Ballerstatus Mike Shinoda: We Major, Not Minor

Mike Shinoda has enjoyed massive success with his band, Linkin Park. But long before he was churning out verses and choruses for the rock group, he was producing and doing hip-hop records — mostly far below the radar. Now years later and after millions of units sold, LP’s rapper is venturing out on his own, taking a stab at hip-hop […]

Mike LPU Chat 11/19/2011 Summary

Pictureboard on the next LPU?M: Pictureboard has samples in it. Can’t give to LPU. About going to the UNM: Going to the UN was awesome. I posted a couple of pics on Twitter / Instagram Working on joke songsM: We don’t do many joke songs anymore. Working with Lupe Fiasco in futureM: Lupe? I did a couple songs with him. The Instrumental, Be Somebody, […]

Chat Summary Brad Delson LPU Chat 31/05/2013

Brad just chatted with LPU members, no screncaps since we could hear him but not see him as he was called up for the 2020 census, I struggled to hear what he was saying but here’s summary of what I could make out. Brad will not be stripping at Sunset Strip show, he said he has to keep 3/4 of […]

Ryan Shuck from Dead By Sunrise says new DBS album will be “more raw and emotional” Video Interview

Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh from Julien-K, also from Chester Bennington’s side project Dead By Sunrise were recently interviewed by LaberPlanet, a German site. During the 15 minute interview, the interviewer asked both Ryan and Amir if they had anything for fans to expect, either from Julien-K or Dead by Sunrise, and Ryan answered that they have talked to Chester about Dead by […]

Interview with Chester Bennington on ‘LIVING THINGS’ and Mike Shinoda

Chester Bennington tells the untold story behind production of the tracks on “LIVING THINGS” and praises Mike Shinoda! “Mike Shinoda” is an inspirationChester — “members of Linkin Park is really only one person with talent, and our secret weapon is Mike Shinoda. His existence in itself is an inspiration. Because he works harder than anyone whom I met and he […]

94.5 The Buzz Interviews Mike / Videos & Pictures from Club Tattoo

Houston’s local radio station, 94.5 The Buzz, interviewed Mike this past Friday (February 18th), they talk about Chester’s illness and complications, A Thousand Suns, etc. Also update for the two rescheduled shows in Texas:As we mentioned before, The Prodigy will NOT be able to perform on the rescheduled tour dates (March 2nd in Dallas and March 3rd in Houston). The support acts for […]